Reviewing blogs: What works and What Doesn’t

     I went through three blogs trying to find out what about them attracts viewers. I realized that before I could even get to the blog, a title that could lure me in was very important. The way I chose which blogs to look over were the ones that had posts that sounded interesting. While the title might bring me to the blog the design, layout, and substance is needed to keep me on the site and reading the article. One thing I noticed is the designs are very welcoming and colorful. A good example making a very nice blog without over doing it is HipHopDx. The background image is used as a border around the entire frame, while the inside is just a plain white. The background image is huge because it would look very boring without it, also the font used is simple but very reader friendly. Another key component is the blogger backed up his writing with a full interview video for the reader if they wish to see more on the subject. 

     While killerhiphop does get right to the point I think it would benefit from writing a little more information before posting just the video to the blog. When you first get to the website it is very well presented and then when you scroll down it just looks empty and plain.  The final blog that I looked at blogamole used a lot more colors than the other two, but used it very well. To prevent the colors being too much the blogger used a dark and bright colored purple for the border and making a very light faded purple where the writing was so the colors did not conflict. After viewing these three blogs I feel like I have a better understanding on what a reader wants to see.  

By fumbleprone

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