Annotated Bibliography

Overview: I want to show how record labels are preventing rappers from speaking their mind. When rap first came around it had very deep meanings from poverty and the hard life to politics, but now has gone to just drugs, sex, and violence. While the record labels are still in control I want to discuss how newer rappers are slowly trying to break the mold and are speaking up about true problems in this country. They also are not doing it alone, thanks to the fans new artist like J. Cole and Kendrick Lamar are selling records by speaking about real life struggles.

Blair, M.E., & Hatala, M.N. (1992). The use of rap music in

children’s advertising. Advances in Consumer Research, 19.

The argument being made is based on the affects advertisers

have on young African Americans. This is very helpful in

showing how advertisers use music that is popular to a certain

demographic and flip it to their advantage.

Blevins, J.L. (2002). Source diversity after the

telecommunications act of 1996. Television New Media,3.

Shows how the act passed in 1996 has made diversity in music

decrease. Shows that with deruglation less companies own

more music and the diversity is becoming slimmer. This is

very helpful in showing how these big corporations are

having more control of of music which allows them to do

what they want with the music or artist they own. They can

use the music or artist as marketing tools to sell a different

product of the corporation

Denisoff, R.S., & Plasketes, G. (1990). Synergy in 1980s film

and music: formula for success or industry mythology?. Film

  History4(3), This article talks about how film and music

will promote on product at the same time. This helps with

explaining how advertisers are trying to do anything to find a

way to have their product be heard or seen by the mass

audience without people even realizing it.

Kaufman, Gil. (2003, June 3). Push the courvoisier: are rappers

paid for product placement? being mentioned in the right song

can spell big profits for drinks, cars and sneakers. MTV

  Music, Retrieved from


Harling, D. (n.d.). Kendrick lamar speaks on top dawg entertainment’s deal with interscope records Hiphop Dx, Retrieved from

Kendrick Lamar explains how he tried to become successful before he signed to a major label so he could keep the power in his hands, allowing him to use his full creativity.

Hilliard, S. (2011, March 9). [Web log message]. Retrieved from‘lasers’/

Lupe discusses his highly anticipated album. He talks about how he had no control over what songs were on the album and that the label had the last say.

Cole, J. L. (Artist) (2008). Lost ones [Web]. Retrieved from 

This music video is based on the songs Lost ones by J. Cole where he discusses a young couple who have a baby coming along. This shows how artists today who are becoming successful are starting to breakthrough.

Cole, J. (Artist) (2011). J. cole advice for college students(live- hob) [Web]. Retrieved from

J. Cole giving advice to college students, touching on student debt and graduation at a live concert.

Horowitz, S. J. (2011, July 01). Kendrick lamar speaks on the meaning behind “hiiipower,” working with j. cole. HipHop Dx, Retrieved from

Kendrick Lamar speaks about the meaning of his single Hiiipower. In this article he is explaining how we can make the world a better place.

Jurgensen, J. (2010, October 21). Just asking: Decoding jay-z. The Wall Street Journal, Retrieved from

Jayz talks about his book that he wrote explaining his lyrics. He also discusses how the things he use to say in his  songs were animal like and couldn’t believe he said those things.

Lynch, S. J. (2012, February 12). Exclusive: Kendrick lamar on his political views. The Source, Retrieved from

Kendrick Lamar is discussing his views on politics and when he started to follow it.

TheGrio. (2010, June 14). Slideshow: The top 20 political rap songs. TheGrio, Retrieved from

A slideshow showing the 20 most political rap songs ever. It is not a coincidence most the songs on the list were older songs.

Vazquez, A. (2011, October 26). J. cole speaks on kanye west, feels he’s helped kendrick lamar & big k.r.i.t. HipHop Dx, Retrieved from

J. Cole talks about the delay on his album because the label wanted to put out that hit commercial single.

Carnelus, J. (2011, March 29). Rapper lupe fiasco talks ‘lasers,’ and being labeled ‘socially conscious’ with the hilltop The Hilltop, Retrieved from

Lupe Fiasco talks about the message he tries to put out in his music. Explains how we have to spread a positive message in order to grow as a society.


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